Booking Terms and Conditions

When you make a booking the following terms and conditions will apply:

Age: You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking on our site. Rates are based on 2 adults- fees apply for additional occupants.

Requirements on Check-in: Your credit card details are securely stored in our database and due to government regulations; these are deleted after your stay. The person registering at check-in must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, to eliminate identity fraud, we will ask you to provide photo ID at check-in to ensure that your identity matches the booking identity.


All bookings via the online booking facility will be debited by the deposit amount in accordance with these Booking Terms and Conditions.

Depending on your credit card provider and the country in which your card was issued, your card provider may impose foreign exchange fees and other fees which are in accordance with that credit card provider.


·         For stays of 7 days or less - $50 deposit
·         For stays of more than one (1) week and up to four (4) weeks - $100 deposit
·         For stays over four (4) weeks - $200 Deposit.

The balance of the account will be due for payment on arrival, except in the following circumstances:

For bookings during the Christmas and Easter holiday period, the balance of the account will be due for payment four (4) weeks prior to the start of the QLD School Holidays.
For stays over four weeks, payment will be required a week in advance.


Where less than thirty (30) days’ notice has been given, a fee of $30.00 will be charged.

Please note: No refund for early departure or late arrival.

Failure to Notify of Cancellation

Failure to notify the park of a cancellation or if a client does not arrive by the close of business of the date booked, the reservation will be cancelled by the park manager, without refund of any paid deposit

How refund payments are made

All cancellations must be received in writing and addressed to the Park Managers. Refunds are authorised and processed by Council in the following ways:

Credit card payments – refunded back to the original credit card
Cheque payment – refunded by cheque (note, cheque refunds may take approximately 2-3 weeks for processing and posting)


If you wish to change any details of your booking, please contact our office - Contact details can be found at We will do our best to assist you, but cannot guarantee that changes can be made.

All Seasons:

Should people vacate a site early due to weather conditions no refund is to be given.
If Council or the Park Managers direct Patrons to evacuate the Park due to a natural disaster or severe weather event, a refund will be given for nights paid and not stayed.


Site allocation will be made according to the dimensions of your caravan. Please ensure you state the total exterior length of your van from front to back including all attachments. The measurement of van does not include the draw bar.
In some instances where the size of your van/motorhome/tent etc. has been incorrectly calculated it may not be able to be accommodated on the available sites at the park. In these instances if possible you will be offered alternate dates or your booking cancelled.
For the Fraser Coast Beachfront Tourist Parks, Site numbers are not guaranteed and are preferential. Management reserves the right to make necessary changes to sites, with or without notice.  Please contact the park if you have any special requirements before your arrival.


Minimum lengths of stay - A minimum of 7 nights stay over school holiday periods apply. Shorter stays can be booked at the commencement of the holiday period.
Maximum length of stay - Guests may stay at the caravan park for up to four (4) consecutive months in any one year.
School holiday dates: The dates will change slightly each year in accordance with calendar movements: These are published by the QLD Government at

Future bookings - Guests may make a booking up to six (6) months in advance.
Maximum number of people per site - A maximum of six (6) people, including children and infants, are allowed per site.